Professional Product Photography Guide for Amazon Sellers

AUTHOR: admin POSTED: 22nd November 2021

The appearance of a product on an online website influences the purchase decision of a buyer. Therefore, a visually appealing product usually has more sales on a shopping website. If you are an Amazon seller, you need to focus on posting attractive product images. You also need to improve your Amazon product photo editing skills to stay ahead of your competitors in terms of sales. The images help in attracting potential customers. Here is a list of tips to ace your product photography skills.

Start With A Consistent Plan

If your brand sells only one product on Amazon, it is quite easy for you. However, some sellers offer a catalog of items on Amazon. In that case, you need to have a proper plan for photographing your products. You need to think about how you want to brand your products on Amazon.

The product pictures should look appealing to customers and familiarize shoppers with your brand’s online presence. While Amazon product photo editing, you should also focus on the color scheme of the photographs. The images of your products should not seem like the ones of a competitor. Therefore, you should be consistent with how you edit the product images.

▶ Use A White Background

On Amazon, you will notice that the photographs are displayed on a white background. In the case of most e-commerce websites, you will notice this consistent use of white background. It can help in minimizing distractions and keep the attraction of customers to the product. Even from the perspective of aesthetics, the white background is quite helpful. It gives your product a professional look, and the images have a distinct finish. If your products are colorful, they will pop out more against the white backdrop.

Sometimes people use a shooting tent or some curved backdrop to eliminate the shadows around the product. It ensures that the sharp angles of the products are canceled. Therefore, the product images won’t look too harsh.

Find The Right Lighting For Clicking The Product Images

Are you a fan of clicking selfies? Then you know the importance of finding the right light to enhance how your selfies look. Even while clicking the pictures of your products, you need to find the right lighting. The right lighting can make even the dullest products have a charming appearance. Making your products appear in the best form is the ultimate strategy to transform shoppers into customers.

Usually, product images look the best under natural light. It helps if the setting is soft and evenly distributed across the product. But some products will require you to use artificial lighting to obtain the best pictures. You can use umbrellas, reflectors, or even DIY light-boxes. You can take pictures of products under both natural and artificial light and find out which looks better.

Higher Image Resolutions

Don’t you always upload high-resolution pictures on Instagram? It ensures that your feed looks attractive to your followers. Similarly, product images should also be clicked using high-resolution cameras. If the photos are blurry, it will not give out a nice impression of your brand to the potential customers. All the images of your products must be able to convey details about the products. When you are using a good camera with a high-resolution lens, product image editing also becomes quite easy. It will ensure that the images do not get distorted after cropping the image or using other editing tools.

Pay Attention To The Size Of The Products

A great tip for Amazon sellers looking forward to clicking professional product pictures is to keep in mind the product size. The product images should be clicked in such a way that it does not appear too big or too small. If the size of the product appears to be too small, a lot of white space will be left around the product. It might also lead to not making some of the product details prominently visible.

On the other hand, you should not also click the image in such a way that the product appears to be too large. Otherwise, some of the features of the products might be out of focus. These issues can hamper the shopping experience of your customers. As a result, your ratings as a seller will fall low on Amazon. Therefore, do not forget the image ratio guidelines when clicking photos of your products.

Wrapping Up

To increase your sales on Amazon, you should keep this product photography hacks up your sleeves. While clicking the images, click multiple pictures of one product from different angles. It will provide more information about the products to the shoppers. However, the image displayed on the search page must be from the front angle. You should also use a tripod or keep your camera on a steady surface while clicking the pictures of your products.

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