Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing & Neck Joint Services

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing is required by E-commerce or online stores that have specialization in selling garments. The photographer captures the mannequin wearing a particular dress. During editing, the dummy is editing through dedicated techniques. The resultant image is the ghost mannequin image. The output image is highly effective as it shows the garment fitting with clarity. It brings a competitive edge in how the different dresses and garments in the collection are outlined and displayed on the product category pages. When the Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing work is done with precision and competence, the result is outstanding and helps your customers envisage the fitting and the style of the dress they like accurately.

Ghost mannequin

Other popular Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing services are Hollow Men, Invisible Mannequin, and 3-D Mannequin. For many eCommerce sites, catalogs, and magazines, mannequins are preferred for 3D effect creation on several apparel and clothing products instead of humans. DITOS Technologies has emerged as one of the leading Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing service providers with immense experience and expertise in this field. Our experienced and expert team professionals stick to the customers’ preferences and continue to finetune their work until the clients are happy and satisfied with their work. This dedication to providing high-end photo editing services has made us a well-known name in this niche. 

The technique proves to be one of the handiest tools to impress visitors to the site. While the product photographer needs to follow particular to-do’s, ghost mannequin photo editing’s post-production process gives a distinct look to the image. This technique is instrumental and practical for online merchants dealing in clothes and garments, magazines – online and offline, and professional photographers. Get in touch with us today when looking for these services. We will ensure that your purpose is served and photo editing goals are successfully met.

Why Do You Need Specialists For Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services?

The post-production process is always challenging. One error and the entire picture needs to be trashed. The photographer needs to shoot again. Every step in the editing process is laden with chances and risk – which is why you need to hire the services of experts to carry out the work of ghost mannequin photo editing.   

Here are the detailed steps involved:

  • The images are first transferred to the transparent mannequins. It is a complex process because challenges arise from glares of the light and low quality of lights, but experts can manage this high-precision work with utmost proficiency. 
  • The dresses are edited using the 3-D floating technique so that each dress is detailed and enhanced thoroughly. Using this technique, every detail of the dress can be presented elegantly and outlined stylishly.
  • DITOS experts are specialized in handling wire mannequins. It requires dedicated efforts to get the work done.
  • Our expert designers can merge two images to highlight the dress from one mannequin and the dress’s brand label from the other mannequin. It brings out a holistic and comprehensive view of the clothing and the brand.

How Can We Add Value To Your Ghost Mannequin Images?

  • DITOS is an expert in this domain. We have a team of qualified and trained designers who have worked with the fashion industry and, therefore, have the necessary experience to do a credit-worthy job.
  • We use the latest tools and technology from the domain to process the images fast and optimally. We are experts in image editing services. Besides ghost mannequin photo editing functionality, we offer specialized services like – Clipping path services, image retouching, image masking, color correction services, image restoration, and white background services.
  • We offer value-added services and proficiency in handling all kinds of clothing garments and all age groups in ghost mannequin photo editing jobs. We can do excellent photo editing services for all types of dress, different sizes, and patterns. It is not only a ghost mannequin edit job; we also ensure that the work is done stylishly, ensuring that the image’s essence is retained and color correction is done to make the dress look realistic and real-life. When DITOS is given the work, it is guaranteed that the pictures are detailed intricately and visible distinctly.

Are you looking at hiring experts for editing images for your E-Commerce portal? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. It is because DITOS is one of the most experienced in ghost mannequin photo editing jobs. We have years of hands-on experience and know the ins and outs of the job diligently. With all-around knowledge of the job, we deliver the work fast and well within the stipulated time.

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