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In the world of social media and e-commerce, photography is not just about impressing one or two people; it needs to be far-reaching in its effect and impact. What this essentially means is that merchants’ online need to amaze not a handful of customers – the pictures need to eloquently communicate with millions and millions of people in the quest to get more and more customers. 

E-commerce product photo editing

It brings to the most crucial topic – product photos in an online store need to look impeccable when uploaded on the e-store. If you are a seller on the world’s most significant marketplace, Amazon, you need to be even more careful that the products online match the Amazon guidelines. Here is where we enter – DITOS is a par excellence Amazon product photo editing service provider. 


Without any doubt, Amazon is an established leader in the niche of e-commerce. There are specific guidelines that the e-commerce giant specifies for e-merchants on its platform. Meeting the guidelines is one of the ways to guarantee that your online business grows strategically and profitably. Meeting the guidelines also enables the search engines to search and rank your products high on the search page results. A digital marketer will tell you why it is imperative to focus on such aspects for success and higher market reach; why Amazon product photo editing of the best quality is a must for online sellers. 


As online merchants, you need to understand how a bad image can adversely affect your business performance or growth. It is advised by Amazon to go in for sharper images that have good finishing and clarity. It is always recommended to remove unwanted elements from the picture, keep it as realistic as possible, and delete busy backgrounds with DITOS exclusive experience and specialized knowledge in Amazon product photo editing services.

What Does Amazon Not Allow?

The rule of Amazon is very strict and rigorous in the context of photo editing. The not allowed photos include:

  • Blurry images
  • Cutout images
  • Images with a studio background
  • Images with price tags
  • Images with logo
  • Cluttered photos with two or more products.
  • Ambiguous photographs
  • Relatively small-sized images
  • Watermark images
  • And, most of all products without any images

What Needs to be Taken Care of During Amazon Product Photo Editing?

  • Correcting color – the product needs to be presented in its original color so that any additional color added by the camera or the lighting fixtures are removed.
  • Cropping – is a feature that needs to be used to highlight the key features of the product.
  • Background editing services – distracting background need to be removed, and it needs to be done professionally.
  • Collage creation is one interesting way to display combined images.
  • The clone stamp tool is the technique used to remove stains and spots, especially from delicate pieces like jewelry.

Why Choose DITOS For Amazon Product Photo Editing Services?

Our expertise in this domain will deliver a unique finesse to your image – a professional look, an image that is picture-perfect and high on quality. We have the right expertise to offer commercial editing services covering various domains, including Jewelry, Garments and Clothing, Furniture, Fashion, Household appliances, Kitchen appliances, Automobiles, Food, Real Estate, Medicines, Grocery items, and more. 

We use the most advanced tools for editing product images ensuring at all times that the images on your website are aligned with the required guidelines from Amazon.

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