Ghost Mannequin Photography and its Importance for Fashion Apparel Store

AUTHOR: Admin POSTED: 9th December 2021

The Ghost Mannequin effect lifts models or mannequins out of the photograph, while still displaying the clothing. Ghost Mannequin photography is required by E-commerce or online stores that have specialization in selling garments. Ghost mannequin is a shooting technique that allows the user to take several shots of a product on a model or mannequin and then combine it with other pictures using photo editing to have the model disappear while maintaining the illusion that it’s still there. This creates very realistic photos and draws more attention to the product than if it were simply photographed on its own.

As a business owner or online clothing retailer you should be using the mannequin ghost effect for their products. It is understood that your goal as an online clothing retailer is to quickly impress customers during their first impression. We provide tips and instructions to properly utilize the Ghost Mannequin effect for your brand.

With professional photo retouching, high-quality images are created that increase sales by educating buyers on products. This is often done in Ecommerce sales with an unique interpretation of how an outfit will look when worn.

Fashion photography is quickly becoming an essential marketing tool to help shoppers purchase the exact clothes they would like. Professional photo retouching services boost apparel sales and provide shopper feedback through images of the products.

Ghost Mannequin Photography Tips and Instructions

A ghost mannequin photo is an example of composite imaging. This method includes two or more pictures, with the first picture taking up the entire apparel. The inside of the clothing is blocked by your model or mannequin in the additional pictures on a white background. The invisible ghost mannequin photography is useful for apparel including T-shirts, Shirts, Jackets, Trousers, Jeans, Dresses, Socks, and Lingerie etc.

Check the steps below to understand how to use Ghost Mannequin Photography:

1. Choosing the Mannequin

The first step to choosing the perfect mannequin is to consider shape, size, and structure. Make sure the mannequin is appropriately size for your garment so it can be displayed in the best way. If needed, use pins and clips to make your display look its best.

2. Remove Unnecessary Parts from Your Mannequin

You can remove the unnecessary pieces of your mannequin that you don’t want to use. You can customize your mannequins to display specific clothing. For example, if you are displaying a blazer on the mannequin then you want to remove the chest piece to showcase it professionally. Use this easy technique to display clothing properly on your site.

3. Now Dress Mannequin

You can now dress your mannequin with the product being showcased on your e-commerce store to achieve higher quality photos. Make sure there are no folds or is noticeable in the fabric when deploying the product onto the mannequin. After dressing the classic mannequin you will notice that the outfit is being modeled by an invisible figure.

4. Choosing Clothing Styles to Have in Your Outfit

When you have finished dressing your mannequin, you can use styling clips and pins to make sure that the garment fits perfectly. In some areas where the garment does not fit correctly, you can use pins and clips to hold it in place.

5. Shoot Your Garment

In order to remove the mannequin from a photo, the user should set the lightning and exposure conditions desired for ghost mannequin photography. This will make it easier to showcase key features of a garment on an e-commerce site. Once the correct settings have been decided, the user should take shots from both a distance and of small details on the garment.

Discover the Hidden Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Photography

● Invisible mannequin photography is a remarkable selling tool. Customers are more likely to purchase an item if they can see themselves wearing it in the photo. The best part, you don’t need to hire an assistant or spend hours taking pictures of clothes on a full body mannequin. With invisible ghost mannequin photography ideas, intricate images are now possible photos.

● There are many benefits of using ghost mannequins in your marketing campaigns; they help drive online sales, allow customers to preview how selections will look on their body, and can be utilized at events with large crowds.

● Invisible clothing mannequins are used on white backgrounds to focus attention away from the model, not distracts customers with someone wearing clothes.

● These types of shots create dynamic living photos instead of flat lay images making them more expressive.

●  A ghost mannequin can be a fantastic option for expensive apparel.

What Are The Disadvantages of a Ghost Mannequin?

● Retouching the product images is an expensive and time-consuming process.

● The new mannequins with detachable pieces are expensive equipment items.

● The ghost mannequin photography technique relies heavily on lighting; you need to set up an even and well-lit set in order to produce well-done photos. To ensure that you pass through the difficult task of retouching, you might want to hire apparel or fashion photography professionals who know how the hollow man effect is done.

How to Get the Perfect Ghost Mannequin Effect?

When photographing an outfit, the first trick is taking two photos; one of the model’s whole body and another of their clothes on hangers. Once these two photos are taken, edit them for a hollow man effect to create the perfect mirrored illusion. Follow these tips and instructions to make the hidden mannequin less visible:

● Clothes should be placed on the mannequin for the first shot, carefully positioning the clothing items evenly. Pull down tight over the arms and legs to minimize shadows and smooth out wrinkled clothing.

● To shoot the inside view of the clothes, the photographer spreads the clothes flat and show the inside of the clothes with the tag centered and visible. To do this, they need to take a second photo in the same lighting and use the same backdrop as the first photo to create shadows and comparative colors that will be visible when blown up for people to view online.

● While the post-production processing, photo retouchers use Photoshop to seamlessly merge two images together. They use clipping path tools, brush tools and layer masking to create a product photo where you can see the brand tag from inside the clothing.

To Conclude

To increase your click-through rate and attire traffic, use ghost mannequin photography and 360-degree visuals. And it is crucial to have professional photos of your products uploaded to your company’s website as soon as visitors arrive. This technique increases the number of potential buyers for your products as soon as they land on your company website.

Using a mannequin for photos has two major benefits: firstly, the mannequin can maintain a stable pose and appearance over numerous rotations and secondly, the outfit remains wrinkle-free for easy viewing. You’ll first need to pin and set up the mannequin’s position to match your shot before taking pictures.

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