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Photo Post Production Outsourcing Services

DITOS Technologies- The first choice of all your image editing requirements. You can outsource all photo post productions services to the professionally trained and highly experienced Graphic Designers in India. DITOS is your go-to vendor for image and photo editing services. We will not claim to be the best because our work will say for itself. Being a part of the industry for umpteen years now, we have the ideal combination of talent and tools to offer end-to-end photo editing services. Please check out our services below.

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Our Creative Solutions & Services

We are your go-to vendor for image and photo post-production editing services. Being a part of the industry for umpteen years now, we have the ideal combination of talent and tools to offer end-to-end image post-production editing services.

Clipping Path Service

Marketing data proves that e-commerce websites need to have appealing and realistic product photographs to impress their customers. It is a universal gospel of truth, and there are no two ways to it. If you are getting ready to launch your online business or if you are already the owner of an e-portal, it is time that you pay attention to such little details so that your business starts to catch the flight on the right note.

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White Background Service

Sometimes, a product photograph is clicked with precision, but the dark background spoils the entire look. Dark backdrops make the overall picture look dim and shady. You would want to avoid such gloomy images because it deters others from appreciating the image. Especially if you are in the e-commerce business, this is one grave error that can cost you, customers, and buyers.

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Image Retouching Service

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, you could always have issues with a photo captured through your camera lens. The final output may not turn out to be as you desired, and most of the time, the fault is not yours. Mere coincidence, low light, technical glitch, and many such reasons can cause a poor photograph.

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Color Correction Service

A critical aspect of digital photography and images is that you need to ensure that the image’s color is depicted precisely as in real-time. Modern-day customers visiting an e-commerce site are aware of their needs and are also too conscious and smart. Being an e-commerce player, you cannot take your potential customers lightly or even serve them mediocre quality artificially hued product images.

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Online Photoshop Editing & Retouching Services

It’s not always possible to get the best lighting, optimum exposure, and the perfect view to get the best shot. Even the most professional photographers utilize our photo editing services to get the best possible rendition of any type of picture. With our online Photoshop services – you can upload your photograph to us, and we will engage our proficient editors to retouch your photos. You can count us as the most dependable photo retouching partner – like many others who have enjoyed our top-grade services.

Industries We Serve

A greatly clicked and expertly finished photo increases the aesthetic appeal of a consumer product or occasion by many folds. Our photo editing experts are the most sought-after in all industries, and they provide the best Photo Retouching Services among all their contemporaries.

Some of the business areas we are working in are:

  • Photography for online retailers
  • Shoes and footwear
  • Portrait Photo Editing for Fashion accessories
  • Liquor and wine corporation projects
  • Real Estate Photo Editing
  • Wedding photography etc.
  • Our photo editors and graphic artists deliver excellent results regularly by blending ultramodern technologies and top-notch tools with our expertise and creativity.

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      FMCG & Retail
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      Food & Vegetables
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      Jewellery Cosmetics
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      General Merchandising
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      Fashion Accessories
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      Liquor Wine Companies
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      Online Retailers
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      Ghost Mannequin
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      Shoes & Footwear
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      Real Estate Companies
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      Home Decor

    How It Works

    It’s a very simple process. You only need to follow 4 simple steps and your images will be processed by our professionally trained in-house graphic designers.


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    Why Choose DITOS?

    Here are just a few reasons to choose DITOS Technologies for all of  your images editing needs

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    Competitive pricing without compromising quality.

    Our Testimonials

    What Clients Say About Our Services

    Get Your Photos Creatively Beautified and Enriched With Professional Handling

    Do you want professional services to beautify your special moments with special motifs, innovative ideas, and creative approaches? At the best Photo Editing Company, we provide exceptional and myriad photo editing services for our customers. Our services include trendsetting photo editing, image masking, and photo retouching services. We believe in creating harmonious and stunning photos without losing the image detail. Our team of veteran photo specialists, skilled artists, and soft masking experts provide the best results according to the requirement of the clients.

    We are engaged with different sectors where photography is essential, and even established photographers rely on our image editing services. We deal in many diverse sectors – real estate, wedding, portrait, and stock photography. Our team excels in providing photo retouching services worldwide – like, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia UAE, Germany, Italy, India, Singapore, France, Finland, Ireland, etc. In addition, we also have skilled artists providing image clipping, picture restoration, and photo masking services to clients across the globe.

    We are especially known for e-commerce product photography. The new-age customers are smart and well-informed, and to capture their interest – the products have to be presented properly, not artificially hued pictures with mediocre colors. Our photo editing experts ensure that the pictures’ colors are depicted just like in real-time. As an experienced image editing Company, we have the best technologies and software to enhance any photo that the clients can use in its appropriate place. Our photo editing service is the most recommended among photographers and industry members.

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