“We are specialized business process Image Editing company for businesses of all sizes and project the right impression for your business at all times.”

Clipping Path

A clipping path is a closed vector path which is drawn around the desired area in an image. A clipping path allows you to take out the portion inside the drawn clipping path. Rest of the image portion is omitted when clipping path is applied. It is done very precisely by our skilled team.

Image Retouching

Due to some circumstances, the photos that we click don’t turn up the exact way that we want. This can happen because of many reasons like low light. DITOS, with their photos retouching services make sure that the outputs of these photos are exactly the way you want.

Image Masking

Sometimes our clicked images gets distorted or blurred due to human errors. Hence, it is highly desirable to correct them and make them innate. Thus, we need to eliminate the distorted area and blurriness by altering that image.

Color Correction


You must have got some old images that reminds you of your some memorable moments… But they have lost their colors in this long span of time. Or you might be having some pictures that have rich or light tones. To make the color corrections, send them across.

Image Restoration


Restoration refers to the recovery of an original Image that has got dust, scratches, lines and blurriness with the time. For sure, you must have a couple of pictures that are very important and precious to you but they are too old to look good.

White Background

Isolate an object or cut out an image both describes the same objective. It is very important that your image is correctly exposed. If your image have dark background than the entire image will look too dark.

Verticals Served:

FMCG & Retail
Food & Vegetables
General Merhandising
Fashion Accessories
Liquor/Wine Companies
Online Retailers
Wedding/Events Photographers
Ghost/Mannequin Photographers
Shoes & Footwear
Home Decor
Real Estate Companies

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