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Image masking is one of the finest ways to handle complicated and intricate images composed of blurry and hazy parts and distortions that negatively impact an image’s look-and-feel. Sometimes, an image has lots of curves, twists, and turns that need to be handled with meticulous thoroughness. Take the case of long curly hair or smoke. In this case, the image is treated with a technique called image masking service.

image masking services

What is an Image Masking Service?

We decide to mask an image when other image editing services like clipping path do not give much scope to treat a picture. For accurate and precise work and infuse a real-time and realistic look to the image, an image masking service is essential. Thankfully, Photoshop is a versatile tool and allows us to use it to the fullest capacity to produce excellent quality output.

DITOS is an Acknowledged Leader in the Specialized Area of Image Masking

We are experts in image editing services, and image masking is one of our core expertise. Whether you are a business owner or a photographer, image transformation needs to be done as an essential part of the entire process. The powers of images can be used to optimize to the largest extent. Our claim to fame is not without any reason.

  • We are well-respected in the industry circles for our high-quality working standards.
  • Our clients are our biggest spokesperson, with most of them being our repeat clients. Many of our clients come to us for image editing and image masking services through word-of-mouth and our past clients’ references.
  • Our team is a talent pool with expertise and experience from different industrial domains. With such varied hands-on competency, you can always expect the best from the team.
  • We use the latest technology for image masking services. No amount of complexity daunts us. We are ever-ready to take up the most challenging tasks because we use the most advanced tools to undertake such specialized work.

Type of Image Masking Service

  • Layer masking is used for softer and thinner edges. The objective is to clean the define the edge in the finest possible manner.
  • Raster Masking is also called Alpha Channel Masking. This process involves arduous working and is one of the long-drawn processes of image masking service. In this case, the image needs to be separated from the backdrop, and then the contrast and brightness are adjusted.
  • Image masking service of hair and fur- treating hair and fur is very intricate. It is because of the fine lines. To make the image look lifelike and natural, pixel isolation needs to be done painstakingly.
  • Transparent masking helps retain the transparent or translucent aspects of an image.
  • Collage masking is required when a single frame has multiple objects. This process, too, needs detailed working.

When you choose us for image masking services, you can relax knowing that you have made the best choice. We have an impressive track record, and you will be proud of the final pictures that we deliver to you.

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