Isolate an object or cut out an image both describes the same objective. It is imperative that image is correctly exposed. If the image has dark background than the entire image will look dull and less appealing. To give your product/image a magnetic look you can convert dark background to white background. We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals, who are specialized in this field.


It gives the image a highly professional look and of high quality. In the E-Commerce worlds what you can show well is what you can sell well, we at DITOS make sure we follow the same tagline and hence work with high standards of work.


Removing Backgrounds from photos can be very time consuming. Certainly when you have some complex photos need editing, it will turn out to be an exhausting job.  We offer you this service at a very low price so you can fully spend your time on your E-Commerce site and other business prospects.  We have no complexity pricing table so that you can calculate very easily what you will have to spend for our services.  As you will experience, It’s not worth to do the effort yourself!


Our Background Removal Service Includes:

* Renaming

* Image resizing

* Drop shadows

* Color correction

* Background replacement

* Cropping, rotating/straightening

* Invisible man (Ghost Mannequin)

* Removing existing background

* White background, transparent background or custom background


For any further queries regarding our White Background/Background removal service, your image gets an enormous upgrade more inclination on the actual product rather than the distracting background. Kindly get in touch with us at


FREE TRIAL: We are offering free trial for up to 5 images so you can experience our services. Please get in touch with your requirements at



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