Image Transformation as it is known as is basically used to do the correct alignment for an image and hence widely used by the product companies who deal with the FMCG/CPG images. It has been widely accepted by the people dealing in product images.


It is mainly used to give correct prospective to the images because if the transformation is incorrect then you will not able to figure out their shape and size and it’s prospective. A strict care is needed while doing the correction of the prospective. Perfectly done transformation will improve the overall presentation of the Image.


At DITOS, we ensure proper transformation of an Image wherein we move the object according to the angle a client demands for. It can be towards right, towards left , stretching it to top or bottom. For example companies taking photographs from different angles may get some images distorted and may want to change the alignment of an image to make it look more appropriate and visible, Image Transformation helps you position your image the way you want. You know your products better and the same way right positioning of the product also does matter. After all, you sell what you can show and what a customer can perceive.


We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals, who are specialized in this field and who are able to not only work as per your expectations but can also give advice on achieving better results.


FREE TRIAL: We are offering free trial for up to 5 images so you can experience our services. Please get in touch with your requirements at

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