Sometimes our clicked images gets distorted or blurred due to human errors. Hence, it is highly desirable to correct them and make them innate. Thus, we need to eliminate the distorted area and blurriness by altering that image. The solution lies here. At DITOS, we provide you with the best solutions to ameliorate your pictures making them more vibrant and lively. In Image Masking service  you can merge two or more images and originate an absolute image. We do it with sheer excellence and thus it is hard for anyone to point.


An image that is masked is a transparent layer with no background and can be put on any backdrop. It is a very popular process for product photography. If you are a photographer and willing to deliver the best quality to your clients, feel free contact us. Our experts will give an exemplary transformation to the images. We have years of experience in providing Image Masking services to Image Editing Agencies, Digital Photographers, P0rtrait Studios, Art Galleries, Catalogue Publishers, Online Stores and Real Estate Agencies. No matter what your flash image masking requirements, we can help you meet them.


The image masking professionals at DITOS Technologies  have expertise in using the latest image editing software and technology. At DITOS Technologies, you can be assured of proficient work at affordable rates with absolutely no compromise on quality.


Masking an image is not an easy task. Effectively masking an image is both time consuming and strenuous. Our team of hardworking creative artists put their heart and soul into each Photoshop masking jobs they undertake. The level of difficulty in image masking depends on the picture to be masked as fine detailing is required. Even though the complexity of the image masking takes up a great deal of time you can select the tool required for Photoshop mask accordingly. For example, hair masking is a challenge in image masking that is taken on by only the very best in the field. We have Photoshop tools and techniques to do the most laborious tasks and complete them to perfection.


Mask layers hold a distinct advantage over other forms of masking as they enable to effect a change, which results in the least amount of image distortion. This impressive masking technique can be applied to any object in a faded picture for a professional effect or to end up with an ultra sharp image for your portal. At DITOS Specialist, we review your image before deciding on the masking method to adopt to give an output par excellence!


DITOS Technologies for image masking services:

* The photo editing professionals at DITOS are creative and ensure a professional touch in all the images that are masked. They understand the importance of focusing on the product you need to market and avoiding unnecessary backdrops.

* At DITOS, you can be assured that your services will be delivered to you ahead of your schedule.

* Our cost-effective image masking services in no way compromises on either your deadlines or your expectations.

* We ensure that our image editors are trained regularly to keep them well-versed on the latest image editing software and technology available in the market.


FREE TRIAL: We are offering free trial for up to 5 images so you can experience our services. Please get in touch with your requirements at

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